Week 13: SportsRealm Panel Results

Atul’s Week 13 Record: 10-6-0 (SU), 7-9-0 (ATS), Confidence Score = 82/136, Survivor Pick = Green Bay Packers (-)

That sucked! But, at least Mike McCarthy is finally NOT the coach of that team. Took LONG ENOUGH! So who will be next on the firing lines? Marvin Lewis? Todd Bowles? Adam Gase? Rough ATS week overall, a week full of upsets and surprises. Some awesome games – granted probably depends on fandom as applicable. The Steelers/Chargers ending was definitely epic, as back to back missed FGs negated by offsides calls is far from the norm, and the Steelers literally handed the Chargers the win with those horrific errors at the most inopportune moments. Even if you get caught once, ok, but TWICE? SHAME!!! The Bears epic comeback fell short in an OT loss, the Colts laid an egg in Jacksonville, and I have NO IDEA what the heck the Panthers were doing down in Tampa Bay (well, other than blowing their chances at a wild card spot). And there was the start of this miserable week, an inspired defensive performance and victory by the Cowboys over the hottest team at that point in the NFL in the New Orleans Saints. The 2018 NFL playoff race is getting more interesting by the week!

Other side of the coin holds more intrigue to me personally, as the Jets are now in solid position at 3-9 and only behind the Niners and Raiders as the only 2 win teams remaining. If one of them lose, the Jets move up into the top 2! So they clearly still have a shot at Nick Bosa, which I am psyched about. The Cardinals, while providing entertainment and cause for a firing post-victory, do their fans wonder WHY? I know I would – they didn’t need that win. But it did show how far the mighty Packers have fallen. They are an organization in disarray and looking to find itself. They lack identity and talent – not a good mix. (as a Jets fan, as I am AS WELL EQUIPPED to recognize those qualities in an organization as any, and my Knicks and Mets only add to my qualifications!)

Larry’s Week 13 Record: 9-7-0 (SU), 7-9-0 (ATS), Confidence Score = 85/136

Larry ultimately takes confidence points, Atul the SU, and they tie on ATS in what was a very close week overall.

SU = Straight Up, SU-C = Confidence Index (Straight Up), ATS = Against the Spread


Atul (SU) Atul (SU-C) Atul (ATS) Larry (SU) Larry (SU-C) Larry (ATS)
New Orleans Saints (-7) at Dallas Cowboys  Saints 16 Saints Saints 14 Saints (-7)
Baltimore Ravens (-3) at Atlanta Falcons Ravens 2 Ravens Ravens 2 Ravens (-3)
Denver Broncos (-4) at Cincinnati Bengals Broncos 13 Broncos Broncos 8 Broncos (-4)
Los Angeles Rams (-8.5) at Detroit Lions Rams 15 Rams Rams 13 Rams (-8.5)
Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers (-14) Packers 12 Packers Packers 15 Cardinals (+14)
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (-6.5) Dolphins 5 Dolphins Bills 1 Dolphins (-6.5)
Chicago Bears (-4.5) at New York Giants Bears 10 Bears Bears 9 Bears (-4.5)
Carolina Panthers (-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Panthers 9 Panthers Panthers 3 Panthers (-4)
Indianapolis Colts (-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars Colts 4 Colts Colts 4 Colts (-3)
Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans (-4.5) Texans 6 Texans Texans 6 Texans (-4.5)
New York Jets at Tennessee Titans (-9.5) Titans 7 Jets Titans 12 Titans (-9.5)
Kansas City Chiefs (-15) at Oakland Raiders Chiefs 14 Chiefs Chiefs 16 Chiefs (-15)
Minnesota Vikings at New England Patriots (-7) Patriots 1 Vikings Patriots 10 Vikings (+7)
San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks (-10) Seahawks 11 Seahawks Seahawks 11 Seahawks (-10)
San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5) Steelers 3 Steelers Steelers 5 Steelers (-3.5)
Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5) Eagles 8 Eagles Eagles 7 Eagles (-6.5)
Week 13 10-6-0 82/136 7-9-0 9-7-0 85/136 7-9-0
Overall 111-51-1 788/1022 77-50-4 96-51-0 705/902 65-46-3

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