Week 11: NFL Picks

Week 10 was a solid week, if one can ignore that the losses I took were all on games I associated my higher confidence indexes on. I had a pitiful 65/105 point score for the week, as the Patriots and Falcons dealt heavy blows to my prowess of prediction. It also has made for an

Week 10: SportsRealm Panel Results

Wow, this was about the closest set of results for Atul and Larry – Atul takes SU by one game, and Larry takes SU-C by a large margin due to the index variance on those myriad big time losses last week by alleged front-runner teams. BYE WEEK: Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings SU =

Week 10: Predictions

Week 9 showed the inevitable regression (but still a solid showing IMHO). Week 10 has some seriously risky spreads to work with – Chiefs at -17 is INSANE! Several others are (as intended by Vegas), right on the edge. Survivor Pool Pick of the Week: Atlanta Falcons This is not very high on my confidence

Week 9 Picks: SportsRealm Panel Results

Week 9 shows success for the panel, and Larry eeks out a better Week 9 with victories in both ATS and Confidence score for the week. BYE WEEK: Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars SU = Straight Up, SU-C = Confidence Index (Straight Up), ATS = Against the Spread Atul (SU) Atul (SU-C)

Week 9: Predictions

Week 8 was better than Week 7 – no idea how, but I am taking it and awaiting the inevitable regression. Period. So it is ALL DOWNHILL from here. Consider yourself warned, since what goes up MUST COME DOWN… Survivor Pool Pick of the Week: Chicago Bears The Bills are not a good football team.

Week 8: Post-Mortem

Week 8 Record: 13-1 (SU), 11-3 (ATS), Confidence Score = 104/105, Survivor Pick = Washington Redskins (+) BYE WEEK: San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans SU = Straight Up, SU-C = Confidence Index (Straight Up), ATS = Against the Spread So I thought last week was awesome…not sure HOW, but this week was even better! Only 1 game