NFL – Week 8 Predictions

Week 7 was about my best week of predictions ever. Period. So it is ALL DOWNHILL from here. Consider yourself warned, since what goes up MUST COME DOWN… Survivor Pool Pick of the Week: Washington Redskins As it so often happens, the weeks are getting tougher as we progress into the season. The Giants are

Week 7: Post-Mortem

Week 7 Record: 12-2 (SU), 10-3-1 (ATS), Confidence Score = 99/105, Survivor Pick = Denver Broncos (+) SU = Straight Up, SU-C = Confidence Index (Straight Up), ATS = Against the Spread So, how do I sum up this week? As the numbers clearly show, I had my best week of the season. And it wasn’t like I was sitting

Week 6: Post-Mortem

Week 6 Record: 10-5 (SU), 6-8-1 (ATS), Confidence Score = 103/120, Survivor Pick = New York Jets (+) SU = Straight Up, SU-C = Confidence Index (Straight Up), ATS = Against the Spread Interesting week, though probably this is more along the lines of what I have been accustomed to from prior seasons. Good straight-up outcome (I will always take

NFL – Week 6 Predictions

Week 5 saw an interruption in my momentum, but not a horrible week by any stretch with a 9-6 record to bring me to 37-24-1 for the season (no week 1 picks made). My Confidence Index was awful with a horrific amount of losses in my high point games. Against the Spread was a surprising

Week 5: Post-Mortem

Week 5 Record: 9-6 (SU), 7-7-1 (ATS), Confidence Score = 73/120, Survivor Pick = Tennessee Titans (-) SU = Straight Up, ATS = Against the Spread Week 5 was a mixed bag for me; some good games, and while over .500 straight up and even ATS, it was not my finest hour. I suppose I will

NFL: Week 5 Predictions

Week 4 continued a favorable trend set in Week 3, as a 10-5 record follow-up brings me to 28-18-1 for the season (no week 1 picks made). I added Confidence Index and picks Against the Spread to the mix, and went for 91/120 and 10-4-1 respectively. I was quite pleased with the ATS record considering